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In a rapidly evolving global economy, turnkey systems fall short. To distinguish your health care organization, enhance employee performance and streamline patient care, you need definitive solutions.

Beyond identifying “pain points,” developing creative solutions and implementing a follow-through plan to ensure organizational adoption, Ocentiv is a learning platform for your enduring success.

We train and coach key members of your health care team in change management best practices so they can lead future initiatives with clarity and ease. As your change management partner, Ocentiv helps you master ongoing change by designing solutions with tomorrow in mind.

Our health care change management expertise encompasses cultural change, process change, IT change and marketing change. Core service areas include:

  • Adoption of the Affordable Care Act
  • Service Operation Review
  • IT Change Management Services
  • Marketing Change Management Support
  • Service Performance Benchmarking
  • Optimization Fine-tuning
  • Staff Coaching and Training

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“Olivier immediately took the initiative to set up meetings with each of our Technical Leads to understand our needs and improve the process. He first installed a bi-weekly extraction mechanism and later moved us over to continuous extraction.
This whole process has been extremely smooth. Olivier communicates very well and is very proactive in asking how we can improve. He gets things done. He is extremely polite and responsive. I cannot say enough good about his personality and the culture of mutual respect and kindness that he brings to the teams and people around him.”

Ping ChenSenior Software Engineer, Google Inc.

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